A River Runs Through It


Artist & Her Inspiration
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An Artist with Her Creation
MARIA BIDGOOD: A View of Steamboat

Once I knew that I wanted to do a bargello style, I researched “Landscape Bargello Quilts”.  Looking at all of the examples gave me the inspiration to do my version.


Balloons Over

For many years our family has vacationed in the Yampa Valley.  After retiring eight years ago, my husband and I decided to
move and made this beautiful vally our home.  On our very first visit to Steamboat, thirty-plus years ago, as we drove over
Rabbit Ears Pass and descended into the valley, we became aware of the Balloon
Rodeo that was going on in what is now the Casey’s Pond area.  What an amazing sight
and one never forgotten!


I know when I first see the Rabbit Ears off in the distance from Highway 40 that I am
home, even though I have several miles yet to go.  This is where I live, and winter and spring is my favorite time of year!

BONNIE CALHOUN: My Favorite Time of
Summer is my favorite time in the Yampa Valley.  There are picnics, fishing, the rodeo,and the 4th of July firewors.  Summer is the best!

My inspiration is the joy of walking with friends along the bike path that follows the Yampa River through Steamboat.

Summer Neighbors
The inspiration for my quilt is the view from my back deck and my facination with Sandhill cranes who spend their summers in the valley.
A River Runs Through It

My inspiration came from a picture I took last January of Hahn’s Peak.  Of course, I converted it to summer colors instead of winter colors.
MARY LOU FAHRES:  Stagecoach

Fish Creek Falls
This quilt was inspired by the falls, and I felt the Delectable Mountain quilt square was the perfect block to represent the
forested mountain. This is a favorite place of mine to hike.

CHRIS HENSON: A River Runs Through It

This is the first quilt I designed.  It can be a challenge!


My inspiration…they told me I had to make one! So I did!

ESTELLA HEITMAN:  Fly Fishing on the
My inspiration….my husband’s endless hours of fly fishing!
THERESA HINDE: Fun in the Snow

The snowman was the inspiration for my quilt.

PEGGY HOFF: Winter Carnival

My inspiration was a piece of fabric with fireworks on it. We all know how much Steamboat loves fireworks!  When I saw the
photos of Winter Carnival in the special TODAY Newspaper photo series, I knew that was what I wanted to do for my quilt.

DENICE KNAPP: A River Runs Through It

Because this is the 20th anniversary of DMQG, I kew it must contain Delectable
Mountain blocks along with some othe things I love about the Yampa Valley … wild flowers, wildlife, mountains, Colorado blue skies, etc.  My favorite place to be in any

PAM LINDAHL: December on the Yampa

My inspiration is that we were joiking, and I was seeing so many beautiful and complicated
quilts being done at spring retreat that I offhandedly made the comment that if I did
one, it would be of a blizzard and all white. So, scraps of river fabric were at my table the next morning. When I made the quilt, it needed a focal point, and the moose was added to give it some feeling of “life”.

SUSAN LEESON:  Steamboat’s Cranes Are
The returning of the Sandhill Cranes to Steamboat is so spectaular.  It is a reminder
that spring is really here in the mountains.
TERRI MEEKS: Beginner’s Luck

My view of the river is from a picture of my husband Brad fly fishing for his first time in the Yampa river in 2012.  He cautght a brown trout, a cutthroat trout, and a rainbow trout that day!  His story of
beginner’s luck has gotten bigger with every telling; by now the fish are alsmost as big
and pleantiful as the mountains.

IRENE MEYERS: The Flattops

The most unique mountain range (in my opinion) is the Yampa Valley.  They are so
high and majestic, always covered  with snow across their “flat tops”, many lakes and waterfalls, not to mention the abundance of wildlife, wild flowers, natural beauty and
terrain.  I continue to marvel at them, no matter how long I live here.

Hungry Too!

Where Everybody Knows
Your Name

Our family recently returned to the valley after living out of state for a year.  When Iwas asked to make a quit that captures what is special to me about the Yampa Valley, it
was simple.  We missed Johnny B Good’s Diner and our good friends the Diemers. We are so thankful to be home.

SHARON ROTTMANN:  Moonlight on the
When laying out the fabrics, the light areas lit up. A friend said, “It looks like moonlight, how about adding a moon”.  Thank
goodness for friends!
MARCIA SPITELLIE:  Lazy Days on the
Yampa River
My husband is a fisherman, and our house is full of fishing memorabilia.
JO STACK:  Mount Werner in Spring 2014

I was inspired by our late snow of spring. The little plane represents my love of flying
and quilting.

LYNN WUNDER:  Emerald Aviary

My inspiration is my love of birds, and specifically for this piece, the birds frequenting the shrubs and grass along the
Yampa River, with the Emerald Mountain in the background.